choice fmChoice FM  is dedicated to bringing you quality and premier entertainment right from the Smiling Coast of The Gambia. Our DJs are experience personnel with a wealth of experience in broadcasting the best entertainments that you so much desire. We bring you the best topics of discussions on our live broadcast talk shows and lines are always open to call in. Discussions are in tune with current events affecting our society as a whole. Tune in throughout the week and be part of the discussions. We bring you a constant feed of the latest news and sport, plus essential updates on health issues, business events and book launch, all delivered in a local voice by a team of staff who are passionate about their city. We are completely independent with our coverage With a broad and large group of audiences tuning in daily, Choice FM has the potential to help your business grow by ensuring that your communication reaches the right target markets. Our marketing experts will create the right adverts to  suit your needs.